Janet has a strong interest in providing lymphedema therapy and physiotherapy to patients recovering from breast cancer, melanoma, head and neck and other cancers or surgeries that have impacted the lymph nodes and lymphatic system. She became interested in treatment techniques when her mother was battling breast cancer. In 1996 she took extensive training under the direction of Guenter Klose of the Foeldi Clinic in Princeton, New Jersey where she became a Certified Lymphedema Therapist. She has also taken many breast cancer and cancer rehabilitation courses and regularly attends Lymphedema Conferences.

Janet has treated many patients who have primary and secondary lymphedema and in 2001 she became certified by the Lymphology Association of North America (LANA). Janet has a wide range of experience treating patients with orthopaedic problems having received her level 3 manual therapy credentials and applies many of these skills in her practice. In 2010 she completed her yoga teacher certification (RYT200) and often applies yoga concepts and poses when planning rehab and exercise programs for her patients. She strives to provide the best care possible to her patients and uses education, exercise programs and manual therapy techniques.

Janet is on Medical Advisory Committee of the BC Lymphedema Association www.bclymph.org.

“I met Janet a little over 3 years ago. At the time I met her, I was at a place of desperation and frustration in my life. A short time after my double mastectomy, I developed ‘cording’ in my arm and none of my doctors knew what it was, or more importantly, how to get rid of it.

After researching online, finding Janet was a godsend. From the first phone call, she reassured me that not only did she know what ‘cording’ was, but that post-cancer surgery problems like cording and lymphedema, were the bulk of her practice.

Once I met Janet, I was blown away. She is like an encyclopedia with facts about cording/lymphedema. Honestly, neither my family doctor, nor my oncologist knew a quarter of what she did about the subject. She put my mind at ease, and started working on my cords one by one. Eventually they all disappeared and I owe it all to her.

Janet is not only top notch at her job, she is a top notch person in general. She goes far beyond what is ‘expected’ of her. I have been known to email her in a panic, on her days off, and it never failed, she always has answered me and put my mind at ease. Once, I had a technical issue with my lymphedema sleeve and I was at the airport at 7am. I emailed Janet and crossed my fingers, and again, within a few minutes, I had an answer from her.

I can not tell you how much Janet has done for me. Her therapeutic knowledge is unparalleled, compared to other therapists. I should know, I have looked. I drive an hour each way to get treated by Janet, so at the beginning I tried to find someone who lived closer to me. I found a couple of people, but neither was as knowledgeable and warm as she was. So now, I just crank up the tunes in my car and drive an hour to her office. A small price to pay, really.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to see Janet, you will not regret it. She will absolutely enhance the quality of your life!

I know she has mine.”

Michelle F.

Maple Ridge, BC

“Janet has been treating my lymphedema of the legs for 6 years. I have found her gentle massages very helpful and healing. I am more comfortable completing daily life activities and travelling because of her treatments. I intend to continue being her patient and experiencing these health benefits.”

Darragh Hodson

New Westminster, BC

“Janet did what I thought was impossible – by using the technique of lymphatic drainage massage and wrapping, she transformed my enlarged, stiff, and damaged leg to a fully functioning, reduced fluid, limb. I have now regained muscle strength and a full range of motion in my surgically compromised leg. I wear proper shoes, can walk with ease, and have regained my optimism and confidence. Janet’s encouragement, physiotherapy experience, and knowledge are completely responsible for my turn around. She won’t quit on you and won’t let you quit on yourself.”

Patti Henry

Physiotherapy client since 2012, Port Moody, BC