1) British Columbia Lymphedema Association (BCLA) www.bclymph.org 

2) Lymphatic Education and Research Network www.lymphaticnetwork.org

3) National Lymphedema Network www.lymphnet.org

4) International Lymphedema Framework Project www.lympho.org 

5) Lymphology Association of North America (LANA) www.clt-lana.org 

6) BC Cancer Agency www.bccancer.bc.ca 

7) Rethink Breast Cancer www.rethinkbreastcancer.com 

8) Klose Lymphedema Training www.klosetraining.com

9) The Lymphedema Guru blog (for good information related to lymphedema) www.lymphedemablog.com

10) Canadian Lymphedema Framework www.Canadalymph.ca An excellent source of information and access to PATHWAYS MAGAZINE if you become a member. PATHWAYS MAGAZINE has up to date information on everything that is happening around the world concerning lymphedema.

11) Chemotherapy Basics www.chemocare.com. An excellent source of information regarding all chemotherapies.