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Physiotherapist for Breast/Head and Neck/Gynecological Cancer Rehab and Lymphedema Treatment in Vancouver and Kelowna

I offer treatment for those who have concerns before, during and after their cancer treatment, in particular when lymph nodes have been removed and/ or radiated. This may include post-op swelling, scar tissue management, radiation fibrosis, axillary cording, range of motion limitations, pain and lymphedema. I also am able to provide guidance on do’s and don’ts as you recover and return to pre-diagnosis activities including exercise prescription and return to work strategies.

I am a Certified Lymphedema Therapist and treat upper and lower limb, head and neck and genital lymphedema. My service is one-on-one care including manual lymphatic drainage, compression therapy, scar tissue and radiation fibrosis mobilizations/ release, range of motion techniques, exercise prescription, yoga, postural correction, manual therapy techniques and most importantly compassion and understanding.

My practice is not limited to secondary lymphedema patients. I also see many patients with PRIMARY LYMPHEDEMA, mainly in one or both lower extremities. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have questions.


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Upcoming Events

Janet gives a Breast Cancer Rehab Inservice virtually at InspireHealth every second month.

Please visit for their monthly schedule of events.

Janet is actively working on the Advocacy Committee of the BC Lymphedema Association.The goal is to have government funded compression garments for all people living with lymphedema. It is a slow process but we are making progress.