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Physiotherapist for Breast/Head and Neck/Gynecological Cancer Rehab and Lymphedema Treatment in Vancouver

I offer treatment for those who have concerns before, during and after their cancer treatment, in particular when lymph nodes have been removed and/ or radiated. This may include post-op swelling, scar tissue management, radiation fibrosis, axillary cording, range of motion limitations, pain and lymphedema. I also am able to provide guidance on do’s and don’ts as you recover and return to pre-diagnosis activities including exercise prescription and return to work strategies.

I am a Certified Lymphedema Therapist and treat upper and lower limb, head and neck and genital lymphedema. My service is one-on-one care including manual lymphatic drainage, compression therapy, scar tissue and radiation fibrosis mobilizations/ release, range of motion techniques, exercise prescription, yoga, postural correction, manual therapy techniques and most importantly compassion and understanding.


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I attended this conference in December 2018.
Kathy Bates was the keynote speaker.

Kathy Bates on The Dr. Phil Show.