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Physiotherapist for Breast/Head and Neck/Gynecological Cancer Rehab and Lymphedema Treatment in Vancouver 

I offer treatment for those who have concerns during and after their cancer treatment, in particular when lymph nodes have been removed and/or radiated, such as swelling/lymphedema, scar tissue management, radiation fibrosis, axillary cording, range of motion limitations and pain, guidance on do’s and don’ts as you recover, exercise prescription, return to work strategies.

The service is one-on-one care including manual lymphatic drainage, compression therapy, scar tissue and radiation fibrosis mobilizations/release, range of motion techniques, exercise prescription, yoga, postural correction, manual therapy techniques, compassion and understanding.

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Kathy Bates is raising awareness about lymphedema, check out her Youtube videos:

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  • Klose Lymphedema Conference—May 4-6, 2017, University of Colorado Hospital, Denver Colorado for more information visit